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Zoom Tidal Dermaplaning Set
Zoom (WS) Tidal Dermaplaning Set
Zoom (WS) Tidal Dermaplaning Set
Zoom (WS) Tidal Dermaplaning Set

(WS) Tidal Dermaplaning Set

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15 Packs = $11 GST exclusive

30 Packs = $10 GST exclusive

1 Pack = Comes with x3 Facial Blades

Our Tidal Dermaplaning Set removes the outer-most layers of dead skin cells and peach fuzz (the fine hairs on your face), leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple, vibrant and rejuvenated. 

Get all the benefits of a professional dermaplaning spa treatment in the comfort and safety of your home. Glide over the face to remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells, dull built up debris, and peach fuzz.

Skin is instantly refreshed, radiant and fuzz free, ready to deeply absorb skincare actives.

 Skin appears smoother
✨ Skincare products can absorb better after use
✨ Improves skin tone and erases dullness
✨ Improves skin texture and pore size, for a more even, smooth surface
✨ Makeup goes on better providing a more airbrushed look

1) Cleanse the face and pat dry.
2) Ensure your blade is clean.
3) Use a facial oil or moisturiser to lubricate the surface of the skin.
4) Hold the skin tight with one hand, and using a 45 degree angle with the blade make small upward strokes, removing all dead skin cells and hair.
5) Using a tissue, wipe away any fuzz or dirt as you go.
6) Once finished, clean your blade, rinse your face with warm water and apply any serums or creams are you normally would.
We recommend usage every 3-4 weeks. Avoid using on active acne or broken skin.